Bernay 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

This weekend: Trekkertrek Kamperveen

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met vriendelijke groet,
Johan Stijf

News Ice Bear Pulling Team

The Valtra Pro Stock tractor called ,,Baby Bear´´, from the Ice Bear Pulling team, got a  new Valtra T3FL series bonnet over the winter. Also, the tractor got some changes on the weight frame and the chassis was repaint over the winter. The first start of the Baby Bear with the new T3FL Series bonnet, is planned for the 27th of April 2014 in Füchtorf, Germany. The Team from Coventry in Great Britain, will compete with both Pro Stock tractors in British championships and in the Euro Cup this year.

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Team Old School workshop news

The Team from  Germany are building a new mini rod at the moment. The Bavarian team bought the old Now or Never / Jackass chassis from Daniel Hollmann last year. The tractor gets a 6 cylinder turbo charged Trasmash diesel engine with 20l cubic capacity. My last information was, the transmash engine runs later with Diesel fuel. The first start is planned for 2014 in the Austrian championships.

French events 2014

-  BERNAY (27) : 7 June 2014 (Full Eurocup / Champ. FRA)
-  MOUZEIL (44) : 3 August 2014 (Champ. FRA / Garden / European)
 -  SILLINGY (74) : 23/24 August 2014 (Champ. FRA / Garden)
 -  BOUCONVILLE (08) : 30/31 August 2014 (European Championship)
 -  GIMBRETT (67) : 31 August 2014 (Garden)
 -  OUTARVILLE (45) : 2/3 and 4 September (Final of  French Championship)
EC Bouconville, in some weeks you will discover the new website...   To be continued... 

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Speedway Grand Prix New Zealand / Nowej Zelandii - Auckland 05.04.2014 -...

As some of you know, I have a sweet spot for Speedway racing.

Since the sport is in a disastrous condition here (they still have more events than us pullers, but not near as many spectators) money is short for the riders and everything is really tough for them.

Now last year the probably best German rider Martin Smolinski made it into the Grand Prix on the last edge with a bunch of hard work and really getting his act together.

So here he went to the first Grand Prix in New Zealand, with a partly private/hobby crew and super low budget. Everybody, including himself, thought him making the semi finals would be like a dream come true. Well... long story short: I got up early to watch this and he made it into the semis and finished second there, so he could run in the finals ...

now watch what happened from there. And you GOTTA love the commentary :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Now also my pulling site 2014 is available but only finnish language this moment
and my new website address is now
Website update is under construction.
And pics is available season 2014

de Hannu

"Der Film" Test & Tune Volkmarst 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Volkmarst Test & Tune 2014 Red Evolution

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Red Baron

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Never Done Deere

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Raging Green

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Mighty Quinn

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Schleich Performance

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Blue Diesel & New Blue Diesel

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Green Monster

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Black Beast

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Team Sonsbeck Gift Zwerg & Old Jim

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Hulk

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Red Devil

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Deutz 13006 Standard

Monday, March 24, 2014

Advance Chassis

Hello, I work for Advanced Chassis and I would like to be added to your links page if possible.
We're a chassis shop that has been in business for 26 years. Originally we started with drag racing, but over 10 years ago got into the tractor pulling world by building 4 time National Champion Mr. Thundermaker for Lee Swift and Scott Schafer. You may be familiar with our more recent tractors: Honkin Donkey red, black, and white, Jerry Thompson's Hell Raiser, Max Smith's Hawkeye Hemi, Rick Peter's Buckeye Special to name a few. We build mini mod frame rails, do sheet metal work, roll cages, fenders, and rear ends for mini's and 4WD trucks, custom headers, and custom built tanks and do turbo plumbing.
Advanced Chassis

107 Victory Lane
Antwerp, Ohio 45813
Phone: (419) 258-2100
Contact: Dan Bowers, Dusty Price