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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best of 2011 - 2014 pics by Kevin

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Workshop news Smoking Devil Team

The Smoking Devil Team from Ahaus in Germany, are working on Smoking Devil´s Transmash V12 diesel engine at the moment. The Team bought a diesel tuning set of
the Truck Power Pulling Team from Denmark, a few months ago. Also, the Transmash V12 engine gets some new modified Iveco injection nozzles and a new bigger Bosch P pump with 16 elements. The Team hopes to find a little bit more horsepower of the Transmash engine with those changes.

for further information, check here: www.pullingteam-smoking-devil.de/

NTTO Grand National Pull Bakel 2014 on RTL7

Part 1: http://www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/ceb92164-8d8d-3736-91ba-823028bce563

Part 2: http://www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/1c6753bc-8c69-32b7-86c2-e96f5093524e

Crossbox milling for the Screamin´ Bobcat team

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Workshop visit Post & Dros

On the 15th of November 2014, I made a little workshop visit at Post & Dros in Dronten, in The Netherlands. Post & Dros assembles and revisees V8 engines for Drag Racing (Vegter Pro Mod Team), Tractor Pulling and many other different motorsport categories.  Marcel Hoornsman, team member of the Komeco Simply Irresistible team, made a little tour trough the workshops at Post & Dros with me and he explained me a little bit, what happens in the different workshops. So, we started in the first workshop, where the engine blocks, cylinder heads and crank shafts are processed. They have special machines to grind and balance the crankshafts and machines for prepearing the cylinder heads and a machine for engine block honing. One room further, they have a test bench for ignitions and fuel pumps. A workshop further,  Post & Dros assembles  engines for customers. Also, in the workshop of Post & Dros, is the base of the Komeco Simply Irresistible modified tractor. Currently, the tractor is completely disassembled. The 5 New Century V8 engines will revised and the tractor gets a new chassis over the winter.
One thing I can say after this visit, you can see a lot of interesting machines and V8 engine stuff in the Post & Dros workshop !

for further information, check here: www.post-en-dros.nl/Default.aspx

for further pics from the workshop, check here: 

workshop visit Post & Dros 15.11.2014

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gencom Lambada returns to europe !

After two seasons in the USA (NTPA GN), the mini rod called ,,Gencom Lambada´´, of the Dingerink family comes back to Europe. The mini rod is powered by a V8 KB Hemi engine. The first start of the Gencom Lambada on European ground is planned for the 24th of January 2015, at the indoor tractor pull in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Workshop news Licence to Kill

Jan Oeltjenbruns from Habern Zwei in north Germany, is building a new 600kg modified tractor at the moment. The new 600kg modified tractor gets 2 Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engines on petrol fuel and a new wedge frame with a new ROP. The engines sit side by side on the tractor. Also, the tractor gets a homemade crossbox. Jan use on the tractor a set used Trelleborg tyres with light steel rims. The first start of the new 600kg modified tractor is planned for 2015 in the German Championship.

for further information and pics, chek here: de-de.facebook.com/pages/Gardenpuller-License-to-Kill/201983229824373

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Changes at Countdown

The Valtra Pro Stock tractor called ,,Countdown´´ from Morlunda in Sweden, gets some changes at the moment. The old bonnet of the tractor was replaced by a new Valtra T4 vi bonnet. Also, the Valtra gets new fenders and the Team bought a new lighter rear axle for the tractor. Last but not least, the tractor gets a set new rims and a set new Firestone Puller 2000 HP Pro Stock tyres.The Team hopes to be ready, with the changes a few days before the 20th of January 2015, for a exhibition in Sweden.

for further information and pics, check here: www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Rud%C3%A9nCountdown-Tractorpulling/385864748158305

NTTO Grand National Pull Lochem 2014 on RTL7

Part 1: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/2a264161-c392-35c4-89bb-bbf8632bb72b

Part 2: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/9f5924a7-1be2-360d-afb4-8bc41201b116

TRACTOR PULLING 2014 - Sammendrag - TEASER

TRACTOR PULLING 2014 - Sammendrag - TEASER from Race Media on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New 2.5t Modified tractor in Sweden

A new team from Sweden are building a new Light Modified (2.5t) tractor at the moment. The team bought the old wedge frame from the swedish Cougar team. The guys use the old ROP, rear axle and the front end of the old big modified tractor called ,,Cougar´´ from the Andersson bros., at their new project. The old frame was replaced by a new Domex wedge frame. The Light Modified tractor gets a 6 cylinder, turbocharged Scania DS11 truck engine on diesel fuel. The first start of the new tractor is planned for 2015 in the Swedish Championship.

for further information and pics, check here: www.facebook.com/traktorpuller?ref=ts&fref=ts

Mitas All or Nothing starts at the NFMS Pull 2015

The Interaction Pulling Team from Cadzand, in the Netherlands will compete with their Case IH Puma Super Stock tractor called ,,Mitas All or Nothing`` at the NFMS Pull 2015 in Louisville, KY. The 2014 Euro Cup champion gets another chance after 2014, to compete in the Super Stock Alcohol class on the 12th of February 2015.

NFMS Pull 2015 competitors are known

check here: www.champpull.org/drivers.html

The first Euro Cup 2015 events are known

check at Agenda 2015: tractorpulling.com/

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Workshop news Team Backdraft

The Backdraft Pulling Team from Veghel in the Netherlands, are working on their mini rod at the moment. The tractor gets some changes on the Rover V12 tank engine, this winter. The Holset HX 60 turbocharger on the Rover V12 engine, will be replaced by two Holset HX 55 turbochargers with new homemade steel protections for the turbos. Also, the intake system will be resived. The team hopes with those changes, to get closer to the top of the dutch championship in 2015.

for further pics and information, check here: www.tractorpullingbrabant.com/backdraft/

or, check here: www.facebook.com/TeamBackdraft

NTTO Grand National Pull Putten 2014 on RTL7

Part 1: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/98dec59f-57c0-35d5-a441-3af694fd95e7

Part 2: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/25ba8952-fa96-3198-96ea-bf244584fe5f

Monday, November 17, 2014

John Deere German advertising with a Pro Stock

John Deere Germany did it!
The Mud Patrol Pro Stock from the Netherlands made it into a John Deere campaign!
Check http://www.deere.de/
for further info!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pro Pulling League 2014: Pro Stock Tractors pulling at Wilmington, OH

Pro Pulling League 2014: Super Modified Tractors pulling at Wilmington, OH

The new Adler

After a 1 year absence, the Adler Pulling Team from S├╝derhastedt in Germany, are building a new 3.5t modified tractor at the moment. The new Adler gets a new Domex wedge frame and a new constructed rear axle. In the past, the team had a lot of problems with their old rear axle in the old tractor. So, the team are decided to build a new rear axle with a better ring and pinion gear. The engine settings at the Continental V12 and at the Chevy V8 engine are the same as in 2013. Also, the tyres and fenders are the same. The first start of the new Adler is planned in the German Championship for 2015.

for further information and pics, check here: www.team-adler.de/

or, check here: www.facebook.com/tractorpulling.teamadler?ref=ts&fref=ts

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League - Wayne and Donnie Sullivan

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Shell Rotella "Unsung" - Tractor Pull Champ Larry Koester Featured

Shell Rotella debuted two new Unsung films at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this week. The new films chronicle the inspirational story of how Larry Koester endured severe injuries he suffered in a work tractor accident and how he overcame the loss of both legs to become a multi-time tractor pulling champion.  The second film chronicles the Bakers, a multi-generation trucking family from St. Catharines, Ontario, and their passion for the open road.

Unsung is a dynamic short-form documentary series that tells the compelling stories of unsung heroes and how their work and lifestyles are intertwined. This innovative film series is part of the continued efforts by Shell Rotella to honor hardworking people.

Both films can be viewed at the new Shell Rotella YouTube page.  More details about the films are below.

Long Road Home: The Larry Koester story
Larry Koester is a husband, a father, and a 60-year-old champion in the sport of high-octane tractor pulling. Engines growl with more than three times the maximum power allowed by NASCAR–and ‘pullers’ use every tool they have to direct this extreme horsepower down the dirt track. Larry pulls his mini-modified tractor as well as, or better than, the best of them...and it just so happens he does it all without the use of the legs he lost in a farm tractor accident over 30 years ago. This is the story of how Larry got to where he is today, and how he, his wife Caesar, and their children Adam and Ashley got through one of the hardest tests of their lives.

Baker Trucking
After years of growing up in his father’s truck shop, Tommy Baker is poised to take over his father Billy’s business, but Billy isn’t sure if Tommy–a gifted but undrafted amateur hockey player–is right for the trucking business. With a journey from St. Catharines, Ontario to Charlotte, North Carolina, this is a story of father and son, Shell Rotella SuperRigs truck past and present, and a shared passion for life on the road.

The original short-form documentaries can be viewed at www.youtube.com/rotellaunsung

Monday, November 03, 2014

The new Road Runner

The Road Runner Pulling Team from Bavel, in the Netherlands are building a new light modified (2.5t) tractor at the moment. The new light modified tractor gets 2 turbocharged Rover Meteor V12 tank engines (stair step on the chassis) on methanol. The engines got a new homemade intake and a new exhaust system. Also, the cylinderheads on both engines were revised. The tractor gets a new homemade tube frame, a new drive train, a new rear axle and a completly new constructed Crossbox for the top Rover Meteor engine. The first start of the new Road Runner is planned in the Dutch National Championships for 2015.

for further information and pics, check here: www.facebook.com/pages/Roadrunner-tractorpullingteam/214935521981220?fref=ts

NTTO Grand National Pull Eext 2014 on RTL7

Part1: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/74b43d4a-a2cb-3bf4-aa8d-58c47dafb503

Part2: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/ebadc7aa-e627-3725-af23-1517a5d7132a